Why Medline Medical Mart

Medline Medical Mart has assembled one of the most experienced team of sales representatives and management in the Health Care industry. We know the importance of experienced and qualified employees to assist our valuable customers. In addition to our fully trained and experienced staff, we are also able to call upon the specific expertise of the leading name manufacturers we represent.
Medline Medical Mart distributes into many different Health Care markets and is thus able to access many different types of products that might not be available from a distributor focused on one market. Medline Medical Mart helps customers save costs and time by providing them with the ability to access all of their supply needs from one vendor and thus have fewer invoices/purchase orders to process, fewer orders to place, track and receive and lower inventory on the shelves. Medline Medical Mart is registered with Health Canada as an authorized Medical Device distributor. All of our products are checked regularly to make sure they have the needed government licensing.
Medline Medical Mart is a prime distributor for all the leading manufacturers in the Health Care industry including 3M, Smith & Nephew, Becton Dickinson, Welch Allyn, Nestle/Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Convatec, Molnlycke, Attends and many others. By being these manufacturers’ primary distributor, Medline Medical Mart is able to access valuable resources and all the latest product innovations and bring them to our customer base.
In today’s marketplace generic products are becoming more and more in demand as customers look for a way to control their budgets. Medline Medical Mart has a complete private label program in place to suit a variety of needs. Our priority in the private label line is to search our products where we can achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing product quality and then pass those savings on to our customers.
Medline Medical Mart offers most of our products that would not be used regularly in smaller box quantities. This will allow customers to acquire the products they need but not have numerous left overs.
Today’s marketplace is very complex and at Medline Medical Mart we recognize this complexity and offer a number of different avenues to process your order, including phone, fax, and online ordering/EDI.
Through its large volume of product distribution in the various markets we service, Medline Medical Mart is able to acquire products at significantly better pricing and pass those savings on to the customer. Your Medline Medical Mart representative will work with you to identify the high volume products you use every day, cross reference them to other similar products to determine if there are more cost effective products, and compile a discounted price list for you.
At Medline Medical Mart we have invested heavily in technology and logistics systems. With warehouses strategically located across Canada, Medline Medical Mart is able to ensure that all the products you need are in stock and able to be delivered within 1-2 business days to any part of Canada. Medical Mart’s logistics system utilizes the best of today’s technology to process your order quickly, package it effectively and deliver it to your facility in a timely manner. Medline Medical Mart will also assist you in the management of your inventory throughout your facilities to make sure that your money is not tied up in excess inventory.. Medline Medical Mart provides supply chain personnel to review and recommend efficient and effective solutions, reducing costs and creating patient care opportunities.
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