Social Responsibility

Impact on our environment and community

Medline Medical Mart takes pride in contributing positively to the Canadian society and supporting the environment where we operate. We build lasting relationships with our stakeholders, act ethically and responsibly and support the needs of Canadian communities.

Since opening its doors in 1978, Medical Mart has supported various initiatives for the public good, helping to improve the quality of life of Canadians and those in need across the globe. The health care products we provide to the health care community are designed to improve the delivery of care to Canadians. Over the past 3 decades, Medical Mart has supported numerous Hospital Foundations in Canada and abroad, Clinical Foundations and healthy minded community events. We continue to extend our support in an effort to improve the delivery of health care to those in need.

At Medline Medical Mart, we are always looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. We have continually streamlined supply chain management processes to both provide more efficient services to our customers and eliminate unnecessary energy and waste. Each of our Canadian locations follows a rigorous recycling program, working towards a greener work environment every day. Innovative and efficient lighting systems installed throughout our offices and warehouse facilities have also enabled Medline Medical Mart to significantly reduce electricity usage and minimize our impact on the grid.

Since our merger with Medline Industries in April 2016, we have increased our social and environmental impact around the globe. From community engagement, environmental sustainability, to providing medical relief to developing countries, we believe that being an ethical and impactful company is essential to our continued growth and success.


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